FREE RESOURCE: 5 Industry Use Cases for a WMS

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5 WMS Use Cases

This resource explores 5 ways in which mobile barcoding can have a big impact on your business:

1.  Accuracy and Efficiency - Wanting to improve warehouse performance, selected RF-SMART to help them tackle inefficiencies from existing manual processes.

2. Scalable Solution - Peace Coffee needed a scalable WMS to provide specific functionality for a food production company, including lot traceability.

3. Optimize Inventory Operations -  Skin Script implemented RF-SMART to leverage mobile inventory management and bins.

4. Automate Warehouse Processes -  GEM uses RF-SMART's Pick Planner and Automation Module for greater operational efficiency and accuracy.

5.  Replaces Manual Processes - Read how mobile POs, putaways, cycle counts and transfer orders have helped Frescobol Carioca reduce errors and gain accuracy.