Inventory Cycle Counting:
The Definitive Guide

Learn how to cycle count effectively so you can take advantage of powerful barcoding & WMS functionality. Get 99.9%+ inventory accuracy across warehousing and distribution. 

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Helping 1,500+ NetSuite Customers with their Cycle Counting & Inventory Needs


All You Need to Know

About Cycle Counting

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn:

Check Box  The Inventory Cycle Counting Process

Check Box  How to Perform an Inventory Cycle Count

Check Box  Why Cycle Counting is Important


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"Before NetSuite and RF-SMART, we couldn't give an exact measure of inventory accuracy. But with RF-SMART as our consistent system of record, we have been closing the inaccuracy gap monthly. Our inventory is currently 99.97% accurate, and we have seen that level sustained over time. This critical aspect of our business is under control."

Donald Cheng

VP Operational Excellence & Business Systems for Kateeva