Webinar Recording: Year-End Counting Best Practices for NetSuite

About The Webinar

The end of the year usually means one thing: It's time to count!

Join us for an hour long webinar recording where we will cover counting best practices for those using NetSuite. We'll end the webinar with a demonstration of counting using RF-SMART and a live Q&A session.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices and tips for counting, such as implementing item classifications
  • The benefits of cycle counting
  • How using a mobile solution can make your counts more accurate and efficient
Thomas, Matt - 2.21.2019 square bw

Matt Thomas

Strategic Account Executive

Matt Thomas is a member of the RF-SMART sales team. Before joining the sales team he was a business analyst. He brings years of experience with supply chain and NetSuite customers.


Dathan Goff

Solution Consultant

Dathan is a member of the solution consulting team. 

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