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What is RF-SMART?
RF-SMART is a global leader in barcoding systems and inventory management solutions for distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and ecommerce companies. Leveraging mobile data collection technology, RF-SMART automates business processes, ensuring the production, movement, management, and fulfillment of inventory is fast and accurate.
RF-SMART integrates directly with four industry-leading ERPs, including Oracle Cloud, NetSuite, JD Edwards, and Microsoft AX, to provide real-time visibility into your operations. With a full suite of software and hardware solutions, RF-SMART has helped over 2,500 customers worldwide find full inventory traceability from receiving to shipping.


How is RF-SMART Helping Customers?  

RF-SMART enables users to perform all inventory operations, such as receiving, putaway, picking, replenishments, and more, straight from their scanner.

Mobility allows warehouse staff to complete all inventory information tracking with maximum efficiency and ease of use, giving them the ability to accomplish more with less.  These supply chain improvements lead to substantial productivity gains, which help our customers get products out the door with the highest level of speed and accuracy.

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Can My Company Use RF-SMART?  

From start-ups to billion-dollar enterprise companies, RF-SMART has helped a wide variety of product-based businesses find inventory success. Customers using RF-SMART span many industries, from manufacturing and distribution to life sciences and healthcare.

Our easy-to-use functionality has helped over 2,500 customers on Oracle, NetSuite, JD Edwards, and Microsoft AX streamline their supply chain processes and maximize efficiency.



Oracle Cloud


JD Edwards

Microsoft Dynamica


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