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2024 NetSuite Customer Support Webinars


Each month, our customer support team provides an informative 30-minute training on a different topic. These trainings are for RF-SMART customers only. If you are not a customer but have questions about this topic, please email

Topics are subject to change- registrants will be informed via email. 

Printing Hardware Setup and Troubleshooting

July 31, 2024         •         2:00 PM ET   

Hear from the RF-SMART hardware experts some quick tips on how to better setup and manager your printers.


Advanced Warehouse Functions + Best Practices

August 28, 2024         •         2:00 PM ET   

See an overview of RF-SMART's advanced functionality that can help you tackle your most common inventory challenges. 


New RF-SMART Functionality Overview 

September 25, 2024         •         2:00 PM ET   

Discover new RF-SMART functionality that can transform your warehouse processes and help you find a quick ROI.


Shipping Made Simple + Best Practices

October 30, 2024         •         2:00 PM ET   

Hear the RF-SMART Shipping experts share the best practices that make our customer shipments the most efficient. 


Busy Season Counting Best Practices

November 20, 2024         •         2:00 PM ET   

Learn the tried and true counting best practices to help you prepare for your end-of-year stock counts.

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